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What does a child learn from school tours?

Excursions and School Tours have numerous benefits for children. Traveling with peers. is a totally different experience.

What does a school tour entail?

A school tour means eating and sleeping together with your friends. It is like a sleepover. The only difference is that you are not in someones house and there are no parents. It means being away from your family member.

What does a child learn from the school tour?

What a child learns from a school tour is

  • Self reliance: Being able to make their own decisions without the influence of an elder.

  • Responsibility: Looking out for themselves and their own stuff. Being responsible for themselves knowing that there is no family member around.

  • Time management: The essence and importance of time. They learn to be on time and how to value time. They also learn how to utilize their time wisely.

  • Independence: Being their own person. There are no family members to turn to. They learn to handle

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